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Imperial Jazz Co. is a new-on-the-scene super group that brings together some of the brightest lights of the Bay Area music world in an elastic grouping. Their repertoire includes a broad swath of vocal and instrumental American standards, performed with maximum swing, scorching solos, and delightful vocals.


The band includes:

 Phillip Greenlief, saxophone (Lost Trio, Orchestra Nostalgico, Animals & Giraffes), 

 John Finkbeiner, guitar (Les Gwan Jupons, Franco Nero),

 John Hanes, drums (Smith Dobson V, Dream Kitchen, Actual Trio, Orchestra Nostalgico),

 Myles Boisen, guitar(Past-Present-Future, Fred Frith, Orchestra Nostalgico, Franco Nero,   

          Club Foot Orchestra, Miniwatt Trio/Quartet),

 Kurt Ribak, bass (Kurt Ribak Trio), 

 Chris Grady, trumpet (Orchestra Nostalgico), 

 John Ettinger, violin (Miniwatt Trio/Quartet), 

and vocalist Jill Rogers. 

Jill Rogers has been singing jazz standards since she was a girl in high school. Fronting Imperial Jazz Co. is both a dream come true and an easy fit. Listening to IJCo, you can't help but wonder what took so long for this to happen.

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